Long-Term Care

We specialize in providing pharmacy services to long-term care facilities. We offer many features that are rare in the industry.

These include:

  1. We provide clients color photographs of the drugs we dispense.
  2. We provide clients LOT numbers of the drugs we dispense.
  3. We can send a friendly pharmacy technician to your location to process prescriptions and provide your organization with more attentive service. (This feature is based on volume of prescriptions at your site.)
  4. We have many blister pack systems to choose from. We are experts with the blister pack systems from MTS and DISPILL.
  5. We are right in your neighborhood, and we can take care of issues quickly.
  6. We are reasonably priced.

We understand that you may have a contract with another pharmacy. We would now like to have the opportunity to be your back-up pharmacy and/or bid for your pharmacy contract in the future..

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